Monday, August 20, 2018
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Think about this quote from the survey:

Today’s ever-changing business climate makes Web sites more important than ever. And while the majority of small businesses (84 percent) do have a Web site for their business, the 16 percent that do not could be facing uphill challenges as the Internet continues to grow and replace other forms of business searches.

Among those that don’t have a Web site, the most widely-cited reason is the belief that it is not necessary for their business. The second top response was that it is too difficult to create and maintain a Web site.

When it comes to the challenges of a company Web site, 69 percent said the biggest challenge is the time it takes to make updates, with the cost of maintaining the site a distant second at 39 percent. Interestingly, as opposed to general technology issues, only 16 percent cited security issues as a significant challenge to their Web site.

How do you feel about your site? Is it a "necessary evil" or is it a vital part of your marketing, communication, and customer service strategy? would love to demonstrate how easily-maintained and inexpensive your web presence can be. Contact us at

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Your website is not about technology - it's about communicating and building relationships with your stakeholders. It's Your Site!

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