Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Some thoughts on using the web to enhance your ministry:

  • Announcements of special events (rallies, revivals, concerts)
  • Special information for church visitors
  • Testimony from church members
  • Regular family profiles
  • Member directory
  • Prayer request form
  • Audio of sermons and choir performances
  • Community outreach events
  • Newsfeeds from other Christian resources
  • Youth fellowship pages. We bet they would love to keep it updated themselves!

You could even include "Donate Now" capability to accept donations for missions and other fundrasing efforts!

Oh, and managing your church membership and generating eNewsletters would enable church staff to devote more time to supporting your ministry!

Give Your Ministry A Dynamic Web Presence

Having a good church website can help enhance your presence in the community, bring new people into the church, and ensure everyone is informed about your activities and mission. With the internet being such a widely-used resource today, it’s an powerful communication and outreach medium.

However, a bad website reflects badly on your church and may dissuade people from visiting your church and may reinforce the unfortunate stereotype that the church is out of touch and irrelevant. A church website is an on-going commitment, not simply an item to mark off your task list.

Essentially, your website will speak to three audiences:

  1. People who are not yet Christians but who are trying to learn more about the faith. What a great opportunity to witness and draw people to Christ!
  2. Families who are looking for a new place to worship. Let these families see the joy and rewards of participating in your ministry.
  3. Existing church members. Keep them informed of special events, musical performances, youth rallies, etc. Dedicate parts of the site to the various committees to publicize their efforts. Hey - why not a website committee charged with maintaining the site and keeping it vibrant?

Speak Out & Spread the Word

Blogging is the ultimate 21st-century communications tool - use it to share thoughts and observations about faith, family, community, and local events. Reader comments will stimulate dialog and interest in the church!

Your website is not about technology - it's about communicating and building relationships with your stakeholders. It's Your Site!

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