Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Take Control of Your Website Now!
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We'll get you going with a website that you or your fellow civic group leaders can update at any time. Post information such as:

  • Meeting dates
  • Bylaws
  • History
  • Dues notices
  • Press releases
  • Contact information
  • Photo galleries
  • E-newsletters - send out newsletter, general announcements, reminders, and more

In addition, you can store contact information for vendors, community leaders, and more within the secure database administrative area.

Spend less time on administrative functions and more time serving your community - isn't that why you signed up in the first place?

Building a Dynamic Presence In Your Community

As a civic group leader, you are probably aware of the effort that is required to maintain good communication within your organization. Good communication is vital to promoting interest in new projects, helping foster goodwill, and generating support for your civic group in the community.

While traditional methods of communications, like one-to-one phone calling and newsletter distribution, are effective, they can be difficult to coordinate and manage. In addition, routine communication, such as newsletter distribution, phone number requests, or unexpected phone calls can often be a time drain for the members who are most active within a civic organization.

While nothing can ever replace the human touch that goes into building strong communities, offers tools that enable you to more effectively control some of the more routine aspects of managing your community group, including managing your membership data.

You could even employ a "Donate Now" button to allow community members to easily contribute to causes you support!

Brag a Little!

Publicize your group's services and accomplishments! Make it easier for the news media to discover and report on your efforts at making your community a better place to live!

Your website is not about technology - it's about communicating and building relationships with your stakeholders. It's Your Site!

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