Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Take Control of Your Website Now!
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Consider This...

What would happen if you needed to make an edit to your website?

Do you have the knowledge or wherewithal to manage the task yourself?

Don't you hate being locked into a site you can't manage?

Action Items

You're In Control - Really!

Keeping your website up to date with fresh information is crucial to maintain site visitors, whether they be customers, members, volunteers, or any other interested party.

What if you could alter text, add images and insert functionality all with a simple mouse click?

Yes, you're quite capable of managing your own web site. No, you don't have to take classes to learn geeky stuff like HTML, ASP.NET, or CSS. proudly utilizes a wildly popular Content Management System that puts you in control. This browser-based system enables you to edit, add or delete pages in real-time. No special software, no tricky installations.

Shouldn't the subject matter experts in your organization be the ones charged with keeping your site refreshed and up-to-date? Shouldn't they be able to do so - easily?

Our customers enjoy the freedom to update or alter their websites around the clock from any computer wth an internet connection.

Don't believe us? Take a look at some of our training videos - see for yourself how easy this is!

Of course, we're always available to help, but we bet you can become a master in no time. And you will finally realize that It'sYourSite!

So...why are stuck with the outdated model of having to call the web guy all the time?

What is content management system(CMS)?


A content management system (CMS) supports the creation, management, distribution and publishing of site content. It manages the complete lifecycle of the pages on your site, from providing simple tools to create the content, through to publishing, and finally to archiving. It also provides the ability to manage the structure of the site, the appearance of the published pages, and the navigation provided to the users.

Our website framework allows those with only basic computer skills to create dynamic and fully interactive data-driven web or intranet sites.

After simply logging in to a DotNetNuke web site, a person with no programming skill can piece together their own web site.

You could create new pages of content using pre-built content types - modules - like announcements, discussions, events, FAQs, feedback forms, and images.

You could create membership roles, send bulk emails, and define secure sections for registered site users only. You can even set up banner advertising, customize the site’s appearance, and submit the site to search engines.



Your website is not about technology - it's about communicating and building relationships with your stakeholders. It's Your Site!

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